An announcement about the future of Web Concentrate.

Today we announce some exciting news: Web Concentrate is merging with Hutman Inc.

Here's an explanation of the move, what it means for our clients, and what it means for the partners going forward.

Why the change?

10 years ago when we started Web Concentrate, things were simpler. We were young, naive and full of energy and could dedicate every waking hour to making websites. Over the years, the websites kept coming and became more complex. We happily rode the wave and kept the pedal to the metal. But as the business has grown and evolved, so too have we, the partners.

If you’ve ever run a business, you’ll understand all of the things that draw you away from work. Unlike when we started the business, we now have responsibilities like wives, kids, and pets. We have side projects and second businesses that increasingly require our attention. And we’ve got future ambitions and problems we want to solve.

Frankly, what was once a simple business run by three boys with plenty of time, is now a complex business for three men with limited time.

Luckily, though we are older and fatter, we are also a bit wiser. So we can recognize these challenges and how to solve them.

As we discussed our options (hire more people, scale back the work, sell the business outright) one solution was always at the front of our mind: Hutman.

Hutman has been a close partner of ours for years. Led by President, Robert Radtke, they are a Minneapolis-based web agency that has worked closely with us on many of our projects. They have often been our overflow partner when we were maxed out, our advisors when things were technically beyond us, and sometimes our “Hail Mary” when things got messy. More than anything they are good people that we trust to take over Web Concentrate’s work.

So, we’re delighted that Web Concentrate and Hutman can now officially join forces.

What’s next for our clients?

Continuity for our clients was one of our biggest concerns when vetting future options for Web Concentrate. This is one of the major benefits of Hutman since:

  1. We already work very closely with them.
  2. A good portion of our client list already knows and interacts with them.
  3. Though they are larger than Web Concentrate, they are still small enough to give our clients the intimate client service they’ve come to expect.

To further help with continuity, Web Concentrate founding partner Dan Letsche will be joining the Hutman team going forward. Dan has been involved in every one of our clients’ websites, maintains them day-to-day, and has a detailed knowledge of their inner workings. This means there should be very little “getting up to speed” for Hutman as we transition.

What’s next for the partners?

All three partners are committed to setting Hutman and our clients up for success going forward. As such, we will be involved and available to ensure a smooth transition.

Dan Letsche. Partner + Senior Developer

Dan will be joining Hutman and will continue his work for Web Concentrate clients while taking on new work for Hutman clients.

Travis Rhoades. Partner + Project Manager

Travis will help with the transition to Hutman and then focus fully on managing his 10+ Scooter’s Coffee locations around the region as well as serving on the Boards of various organizations.

Andrew Brynjulson. Partner + Creative Director

Andrew will help with the transition and then focus on his independent design practice and various side projects.

Finally, thank you.

If you hired us, recommended us, or just advised us along the way. Thank you. We’ll be forever grateful. We’re happy to have made our mark on the web world and look forward to many exciting things to come.


If you have any questions, please reach out to:

Travis Rhoades
Web Concentrate
Partner | Project Manager

Robert Radtke