We’re a small, experienced team hungry for a challenge.

We’re not an agency. We’re a nimble team of senior-level people focused on the essential roles in every successful web project. We find this makes us more efficient; our clients find that this makes us more accountable. You can rest easier knowing that your project is led by partners, not interns.

Headshot of Partner & Project Manager
Partner & Project Manager
Travis Rhoades

Travis guides all Web Concentrate projects from beginning to end. As a co-founder of Web Concentrate and the owner of a series of regional coffee shops, Travis brings a unique level of acumen to each project, diagnosing web challenges as well as business challenges.

Headshot of Partner & Senior Developer
Partner & Senior Developer
Dan Letsche

Dan builds the part of your website that your customers see. He’s a co-founder of Web Concentrate and a full-stack developer with a history of turning beautiful designs into polished websites. Dan’s primary focus is on frontend functionality and features that make for a good user experience.

Headshot of Partner & Senior Developer
Partner & Senior Developer
Jordan Lev

Jordan manages those complexities inherent in every website. They often go unseen in the backend, but are foundational to a successful web project. As a full-stack developer and college teacher, Jordan excels at organizing and building content management systems that are flexible and easy to use.

Headshot of Partner & Creative Director
Partner & Creative Director
Andrew Brynjulson

Andrew leads the design and creative efforts for Web Concentrate and its clients. With an extensive background in brand strategy, integrated marketing and advertising, he takes a holistic approach to your project to ensure that your website seamlessly integrates with the rest of your business efforts.