9/11 Memorial & Museum

Visual storytelling agency, Lemonly, worked with the National September 11 Memorial and Museum to create an interactive infographic showcasing the design and build of The Memorial, visitor profiles, funding and museum artifacts. We worked with Lemonly to bring their design to life.
Managing It All
Tiny CMS

Various statistics were expected to change frequently after the initial launch. We built a custom, one-page Content Mangement System (CMS) allowing non-technical staff to quickly manage individual pieces of content.

Bringing it to Life

Animated elements made the content more dynamic as the user scrolled down the page. Using elements that move, fill and shift allowed us to focus the user's attention and present a more engaging narrative.

Deeper Interaction
Click Targets

In addition to the beautiful design, we were able to increase interactivity through clickable elements. Things like audio, video, iconography and text were uncovered to add another layer of depth. This turned users from passive browsers to active explorers.