ABC Rentals

ABC Rentals offers an extensive inventory of tools and equipment ranging from hand tools and construction implements to table settings and wedding decorations. Our task was to evolve their website from an incomplete marketing tool to a robust rental experience.
Design for Every Screen
Responsive Design

We build sites that go wherever the user does. No matter the device or screen size, your website should be at your customers' fingertips. So, we build one site that will adapt automatically.

Accessible Products
Product Listings

A major failing of the original site was that it did not list available products, nor give the customer a chance to rent them. We worked with the client to unearth a hierarchy of product categories as well as individual detail pages for each product.

Adding Utility

With an extensive list of products, we designed an interface that allowed users to find what they are looking for. Consideration was given to accommodate both users who know what they are looking for and those who are merely browsing.

Considering the Audience
One Site, Two Brands

ABC Rentals is unique in that they serve two very distinct audiences. With a single site, they communicate with a construction worker, homeowner, wedding planner and bride. Using the same design structure we established two separate sections of the site. However, each was given its own distinct visual style.