CiShirts is a screen printing and embroidery shop specializing in apparel for teams, companies and organizations. Not only did we build a more functional, appealing site, but we engineered a unique Team Store concept that would help their customers sell, collect and deliver products seamlessly online.
Design for Every Screen
Responsive Design

We build sites that go wherever the user does. No matter the device or screen size, your website should be at your customers’ fingertips. So, we build one site that will adapt automatically.

Empowering Customers
Team Stores

Typically, CiShirts customers would guess at quantity and sizes for their orders, then hit the streets to sell and collect money. Team Stores were conceived of as a way to bring those efforts online in a unique, one-stop store. Customers are now able to share a link instead of going door-to-door, and more importantly, arrive at a precise order instead of guessing.

Processing Orders

It’s one thing to collect quantity and sizes, it’s quite another to process payment. That’s why we built full eCommmerce functionality into the Team Stores to automate the sales process. This new experience streamlined the otherwise thorny task of handling money and payment information.

Selling More than Shirts
Diverse Offerings

We worked with CiShirts to organize and expand the way they talked about their products. For them, screenprinted shirts are a part of a much larger product and service offering and that was not evident on the previous site.