Golden West Communications

Golden West Communications is the largest telecomm provider in South Dakota with a territory reaching as far west as Pennington County and east to Moody County. Web Concentrate was brought in to refresh the web experience, but more importantly build a solution that helped manage the complexity of diverse products, services, pricing and geography.

Design for Every Screen
Responsive Design

We build sites that go wherever the user does. No matter the device or screen size, your website should be at your customers’ fingertips. So, we build one site that will adapt automatically.

Modernizing The Brand
Updated Web Experience

Quite simply, it was time for an update. When it comes to home internet, TV and entertainment, forward thinking brands like Netflix, Hulu, Verizon and HBO are top of mind for consumers. We set out to modernize the Golden West online experience to better match the competitive landscape in the technology and communications sector.

Diverse Markets
Location Specific Offerings

Golden West serves a large geographic area with services varying from location to location. With so much variety, a one-size-fits-all product lineup wouldn't do. So, in order to deliver the specificity that users expect built a shopping experience that could evolve based on a user's location settings.

Unique Shopping Experience
Building Bundles

Anyone who has had cable, internet or phone before is familiar with bundling. However, most people resent being forced into bundles that include what they don't want. We sought to build a shopping experience that would allow users to add products quickly and seemlessly without forcing people into bundles.