Orion Foods

Orion Foods makes and manufactures quality food solutions—from pizza to Asian-inspired bowls—to customers around the globe. With 900 franchisees and licensees to service, Orion has taken on a considerable talent recruitment effort. We were tasked with creating a dedicated careers site that celebrated the business and the people behind it.
Design for Every Screen
Responsive Design

We build sites that go wherever the user does. No matter the device or screen size, your website should be at your customers' fingertips. So, we build one site that will adapt automatically.

Show and Tell
Custom Photography

As a food manufacturer, Orion has no shortage of product photography: from pizza to salads to Asian bowls. What they needed was to show potential employees where they would work and who they would work with. Together with photographer Wes Eisenhauer, we documented every corner of the business.

Human Connection
Employee Profiles

For Orion, the impact of their employees was an untold story and an untapped resource. Using photography, video and employee profiles, we were able to better connect users with real people and their diverse roles in the company.

Third-Party Integration
Featured Jobs

At the crux of this site were the many open positions that would be featured. We worked with the client to identify and integrate a third-party HR software solution that worked with their existing workflow. The result was a system that was consistent and flexible.