South Dakota Sculpture Trail

Sculpture Trail is a series of sculpture collections across the state of South Dakota. Web Concentrate was engaged to create a brand identity and a website hub. The site we built both promotes South Dakota as a tourist destination and acts as a guide for visitors when they arrive.
Design for Every Screen
Responsive Design

We build sites that go wherever the user does. No matter the device or screen size, your website should be at your customers' fingertips. So, we build one site that will adapt automatically.

Separate but Together
Multiple Locations

The trail consists of eight unique locations, as well as many sculptures along the way. It was important to the client that each location receive equal attention and weight, so we found ways to randomize promotional areas and standardize content needs. This kept things manageable and balanced.

A Unifying Symbol
Visual Identity

Part of the challenge of this project was developing an identity that could represent each location and South Dakota as a whole. The result of the process was a simple mark inspired by the variety of landscapes the state has to offer: mountains, hills and prairie.

Sights to Behold
Managing Content

Collectively, Sculpture Trail's eight locations had a lot of content needs. Knowing that content would be delivered by multiple parties and with inconsistent formatting, great effort went into crafting a streamlined content management system that eased the burden of uploading photos, logos, documents and messaging.